Transforming your body seems simple enough: Lose some weight, build some muscle, and show off your hard work. But as you’re learning the hard way, building the new you takes more than just sweat and dessert-denial. It takes a total transformation, from the way you structure your day, to the way you think about yourself, your goals, and your priorities. Even your work will feel the effect. What, you thought that was just an eight-hour rest period?

Feeling like you could use a second chance? Consider it done. The content below will give you the mental and physical tools to power over the inevitable speed bumps on your road to the fit life. It takes mental strength to build physical strength. Steel your resolve, recommit, and get ripped.

When Desire Isn't Enough: 3 Tricks To Get Your Transformation Back On Track


Change It Up: 7 Ways To Break A Plateau

Change It Up: 7 Ways To Break A Plateau

Tempo training, giant sets, and body part specialization aren’t just tricks for the pros. They’re also fantastic ways to keep your body guessing—and growing!


Re-Resolve To Get Fit: 5 Steps To Crush Your Fitness Goals


Shape Up At The Office: 6 Healthy Habits For The Workplace


Get In The Habit: The 30-Day Habit-Forming Challenge


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